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Powerful apps for Superpowered

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A utility belt for the classroom superhero.

At Eduphoria!, we know that teachers are heroes. And every hero needs a sidekick. Count on us to provide the tools that enhance the work of teachers in the classwork.

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Comprehensive Tools for Districts and Educators

Eduphoria! works to empower teachers. Our integrated apps assist in every aspect of the school day, from lesson planning to monitoring student progress, streamlining administrative duties, and providing a collaborative platform for education professionals. Eduphoria! creates tools that seamlessly precipitate a teacher’s success in the classroom.

app icon forethought


Complete curriculum planning in a single bound. Planning tools that connect teachers and administrators in a flash.

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app icon strive


Supporting educators with a professional development management system and collaborative platform.

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app icon aware


Where teachers create rich, actionable maps of student information with the power to assist in comprehensive development.

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